old jalopy stripped
only the chassis remains
someone's glory days --


  1. lovely practice, as it should be. a practice, that haiku writing. i loved teaching that form and cinquain as well to second graders. such fun as they're at the peak of loving/discovering the beauty of words.
    in retirement, 2 years now, i've furthered the form ... with tanka...31 syllables, 57577 lines. just those 2 extra lines can push the process right along to a deeper level. i just taught a few members (8) of my book group this at an overnight retreat i organized at fetzer institute's center way out in the country. it's in a post from maybe 2 weeks ago. i wrote a couple out there about that experience:

    "the mown path skirts
    around the acre's bouquet
    of wild longstemmed, uncut
    flowers that seem to be there
    just to call us together.

    "women arrive, one
    at a time to find their
    way back to a breath.
    gathering, then dispersing for
    solitude and a sweet dreams."

  2. Nancy -- Thank you for your comments and sharing your work! Ah, retirement! I have about 10 years to go, more or less. Time is so stretched thin these days -- just not enough time to do it all! I hope you don't mind that I added your blog to my lists on this site and AestheticWork?