Catching Up

I apologize to my fellow bloggers who are following Haiku Simple as I have not kept up on who you are and visiting your sites. I promise over the next weeks to catch up with you all!


  1. Relax Kelly,
    __Though your posts are fully appreciated, and your visits are always welcome... I {for one} know the clutter of daily life, and the time it consumes.

    Ya just gotta smile an' keep on, steppin' on.

  2. Thanks, Magyar -- yes, it does consume time but I feel that cyber-courtesy is expected? Stay warm out there in Ptown!

  3. well, i MUST apologize as well...since i've visited other sites rarely and posted very infrequently...i did start a new blog to write a quick bit everyday...so far so good with that.
    some of us were enjoying each other's blogs so regularly, and i do miss that, but as per above comment, we keep on steppin' on...
    kick up your heels!